Quick thoughts on this weekend…

Friday night was my first night out in a long time with my navy seal team, which I’ve decided to name “Club Mayhem” because I’m retarded. It was an incredibly fun night, though I drank a bit more than I’d planned to and stayed out WAAAAAAYYY later than I wanted to. Also made a successful return to one of my favorite spots that ended with me spending a few hours with a gorgeous new friend. Some people in Club Mayhem don’t like said spot, to which I respond, as said by Kanye West, “Screams from the haters. Got a nice ring to it. I guess every superhero needs his theme music.”

Unfortunately for you guys I don’t remember all that much that was said throughout the evening, but here is a fun bit I had with one of my sets…

Girl: Your last name sounds Jewish.
BB: It is.
Girl: You don’ t look Jewish.
BB: Just my genitals.
Girl: (laughs) So I guess that means you’re circumcised?
BB: No. It means my dick wears a yarmulke.  And payos.

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